Fathers day

So, Sunday was fathers day and the scarf that I had planned to give my dad for it was sadly not yet finished. I think if I hadn’t had about two weeks off of life because of illness then I probably would have finished it but alas.

It is coming along well though, I’m over half way through now and I’m, thankfully, really liking the stitch that I eventually went for. Both the back and front look really nice and is soft and warm. The front is like a knitted stockinette stitch or maybe a 1×1 rib and the back is nice too. Yay for camel stitch! It’s really easy to do but the end are a little scraggly rather than straight but I’m sure I can hash a fix for that once I’m fine and am weaving in all the ends. That’s the only problem with the camel stitch as I’m cutting the yarn after every row but seeing as I’m doing it length wise its not too bad.

So instead of a lovely functional, useful present I got my dad this instead:

Because who doesn’t like pretending to be a wookie right? My brother also bought other things but as I’m writing this post they haven’t arrived yet so I won’t spoil it incase they are still not here.

Dad did also get a card. Sticking to the funny theme. It’s the last thing I made on my old cutter so that’s special even if it’s a bit basic, right?

Speaking of cutters, my new one is very scary and there’s lots to learn but I have set it up and played with the pen attachment so far just to figure out how the functions work, I’m equal parts excited and nervous about actually cutting with it!

Did you celebrate fathers day? Any presents? And I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes and blessings last week. It’s been lovely and sunny here all week and I ate lots of (read: Too much) yummy food.

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9 thoughts on “Fathers day

  1. I’m sure your Dad isn’t bothered that his scarf wasn’t ready on time. What a Lucky father he was to have received a wookie mask and such an appropriate card ^^

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