Personality or Circumstance? (The one where I take the same test twice)

I was reading through the blogs on my dash the other day, as you do, and Sarah over at A Life Less Physical had a very interesting post about changes due to chronic illness (click on the linky to go read it). Her post was about taking a test that determined the best work situation for her and how her preference had changed from pre-illness.

This got me thinking about other tests. Now, I love taking all these different tests that you get online. Personality, Hogwarts house…. I’ll take them all (just so you know, I always end up in Slytherin). But I always have a little difficulty in answering some of the questions, or rather how I should be answering the questions.

Illness has changed so much but has it changed my personality or is it just the circumstances that are different?

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Top Ten Recommendations for Middle Grade Fantasy/Adventure

Top ten Tuesdays are hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish, this weeks topic is top ten recommendations for…(anything you want)


I’ve decided to do middle grade fantasy/adventure but with a twist, so the first three I’m sharing with you are books that I have read the rest however are books on my to read list that fall under the same vibe

How can I possibly recommend books that I haven’t read yet? Well, I read the blurbs and recommended them to myself because they all sound pretty awesome. I don’t read middle grade fantasy books that often but the thing I love about them is you can just dive straight in and be completely wrapped up in the story without having to think and quite often finish it in a sitting or two. Continue reading