Cross Stitch Update

Cross stich update time. Last time I showed you how far is gotten on my last pin cushion and said is have it finished to show you this time. Well, ta Da!

Hufflepuff done. That all four houses (incidentally I’ve got all four patterns in a pack on offer right now). And here they all are together and stacked up because why not? I had quite a lot of fun photographing them all together like this.

I had so much fun designing and stitching these. They go so quickly and are so easy to make 3d as well.

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Memo Pad: October Books

Another month down and another Bookish wrap up for you. It’s almost Christmas. More importantly it’s almost November. I’ll be doing nanowrimo next month which is why this post is a little early. I wanted to get my reviews up and out of the way so I could concentrate on my story. So here they are.

mp october 17

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NaNoWriMo Here We Come

I actually can’t believe its nanowrimo time again. For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month where people sign up and attempt to write 50k in the month of November.

I am actually very well prepared this year but I still feel like I was only writing my last nanowrimo post a few weeks ago rather than nearly a year ago.


If you’ve been around on my blog since then you might know that last year I took part for the first time. I chose to write a prequel to a story to help me get to know what I was doing and aimed for 20k instead of the 50. I thought that would be a good way to ease my way in. In the end I won, I did the full 50k which worked out as 13 chapters. That story ended up being 21 chapters and I finished it in July so I figure NaNo worked well for me. It was a brilliant experience but it also left me with an on and off again migraine that lasted about 3 months…. So this time I’m aiming to get six chapters written which at a guess would be about 25k. More would be great but then – migraine – so I’ll see how I go. I’ve planned the whole thing and written a chapter plan that includes a line or two about what happens in each chapter and from whose Point Of View. I’ve also done in depth outlines for the first ten chapters so far. I doubt I’ll write further than that in a month so that’s all I got up to. But, see? I am prepared! Continue reading

Crochet Cowl Finish

I have a finish! My camel stitch cowl using one Caron cake. Ta Da!

One Caron cake = one snug double wrap cowl


So obviously, as I mentioned it’s a caron cake which is aran yarn. I went a couple of hook sizes up from what was recommended because camel stitch is quite a dense stitch. I used a 7.00mm hook and I chained 175 stitches to start and joined. It’s large enough to wrap double and lovely and snug and warm. I managed 25 rows of the half double crochet camel stitch and it’s the perfect size. (My tutorial for how to do the camel stitch the easy way is here). Continue reading

Harry Potter Tag

I got tagged the other week by Liz over at Travel in Retrospect to do this. Her post on it is here. And I was happy because, I mean, I NEVER turn down an opportunity to talk about harry potter so obviously here it is….


What house are you in?


Slytherin. When I was much younger I figured myself a Ravenclaw but no, as I grew up I realised I have always been a Slytherin, it fits me much better. In fact, I’ve taken many quizzes (just because I enjoy doing them) and I’ve never gotten anything other than Slytherin.


What is your patronus?

Are we talking officially? Because I think I got some kind of dog and I hate dogs (I know, don’t attack me) so I highly doubt it would actually be a dog.

In fact, I think it would be a cat. It suits me much better. Either than or a crow or something. Lets just say I can hold a grudge, okay?


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Cross Stitch Update

I’ve made some progress on my Christmas cross stitch. Unfortunately I managed to add two stitches into the middle somehow so its now two stitches wider than my pattern…. I’m honestly not sure how I did that. And it hasn’t ruined anything it just means I have to be very aware every time I start a new section otherwise the edges won’t be straight.

Here’s where I was last time compared to now:


The reason I didn’t go back and fix the extra two stitches is because I went around and did the border of the section and started filling it in before I realised and that was A LOT to unpick so…. I left it.

While that looks like a reasonable amount of progress, I’ve actually been spending most of my stitching time on my Hufflepuff cross stitch. I got it started and then well, it’s just so much fun to stitch that I’ve almost finished it. Continue reading

Pinterest convinced me baking would be easy….

I should preface this by saying I never bake. I don’t do anything in the kitchen other than make myself a bowl of cereal. But the other week I happened to see one of those short videos on pinterest of someone making pastries where they make everything look super easy and very pretty.

And I was like…. I could do that…?

So I told my parents about it and they dutifully got the ingredients, and by that I mean a pre-rolled piece of puff pastry and some cream cheese.

Loads of ingredients, right? This sounds so complicated haha.

And last weekend everything lined up. I hadn’t done anything big that week, I happened to have nothing else going on (and by that I mean no sports to watch) and was also feeling rather okay. I know that sounds so mild but honestly that’s a brilliant day for me as a lot of the time I’ve either slept badly, am sneezy, have a sore throat, am really tired… So on and so forth. But whenever there is something mildly wrong I have to rest rather than do. So the fact that everything lined up and I was able to give it a go before I psyched myself out was great.

Now the video was of fruit filling but I don’t like fruit pastries so I decided to make some with filings I normally like too. (This is where it gets more complicated.) Which means nutella and lemon curd (separately not together because eww). Continue reading