NaNoWriMo – How Did I Do?

Nanowrimo is over! I can finally get back to life!

Okay, so I actually stopped with about five days left so I’ve been back to real life for almost a week now but it’s so weird waking up and having to decide what to do today rather than just – write!

So how did my Nano go?


Well, initially I set my minimum goal to write 6 chapters of my new story. I figured that would be about 25k. I never go into nano setting my expectations too high. As a spoonie and chronically ill writer, I know there’s going to be limits. Personally I use nano as a place to jump off from, a boost to get me over the first bump of the story and not simply to write 50k in a month regardless of what I’m writing.

Going in I had the whole story planned out and had a chapter plan written. For me that means a couple of bullet points about what happens in each of my 20 chapters plus who the POV for each chapter is. I also had eleven of those chapters fully outlined, which for me is about 1k word outline per chapter. Continue reading