Memo Pad: January Book Wrap Up

Another Bookish month has passed for me to tell you about! Has anyone gotten used to writing 2018 yet? I’m still getting it wrong.

I’m still right smack bang in the middle of my kindle unlimited 3 month trial which means the only books I’ve read this month (and will be reading next month) are either from KU or that I’ve been given to review from netgalley. Now that means all of these were books I didn’t pay to read, which is great because that means I’m not buying books, right? That is oh so wrong. Just because I’m only reading free book has not stopped me from buying books. My TBR on my kindle is growing to terrifying proportions. (I have bought ten books since the trial started and I haven’t read any of them) But that is an issue that I am completely ignoring for another month until my trial runs out.

For now, I’ll talking about this month. I had a massive reading slump at the start of January, this may have had quite a lot to do with the fact I was sick for the first two weeks of the year (happy new year me) and the added pressure of already being behind on my reading challenge midway through the first month of the year also didn’t help. But! Things improved. Phew.

mp jan 2018

Read: 4 + 1 (I actually read The Cruel Prince at the end of December)

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Top 10 2018 Book Releases

It’s January. A whole new year which means a whole new years worth of new books to look forward too. I’ve been building up a goodreads shelf of 2018 releases that I’m most looking forward to and I thought it would be an excellent idea to do a blog post of my favourite ones. And quite a few of these are debuts which I’ll mention next to each book. So here it is. A top ten list (by month of release not order) of the books I am most excited about being released this year (plus quite a few honourable mentions because there as so many amazing ones coming out) But if you want to see more then you can check out my goodreads shelf HERE.

Bur for now, my top ten….

2018 releases

All links go to their respective Goodreads pages so you can also add them and the pub dates are from goodreads too. Some of them don’t have covers yet and others I’m not sure if they will be the final covers. Continue reading

OOoh we’re half way there… (SAL)

it’s time to share my cross stitching progress with you all again. I’ve actually got a lot done since the last time despite the fact that for over half of the time I’ve been ill with a very sore neck but anyway here it is next to last time.

Just the gold to add in but otherwise I have finished the bottom half. The random lines coming off the three berries in the middle will be holly leaves but they will be in gold, like the antlers will be. I’m leaving all the gold till the end though as I still haven’t decided exactly which gold to use!

And here is the whole thing so you can see the size better: (I had to photograph it on the floor because it wouldn’t fit on my desk!)

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Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses – Review

I don’t think anyone would argue that looking at screens all day isn’t so good for our eyes. For me this is amplified by my illness. Bright lights are difficult for me and within about ten minutes of looking at my phone screen (on the lowest brightness setting) I start to get a headache. Last year whenever I went on my phone I would wear a pair of sunglasses which meant I could go on my phone for about an hour or so before a headache started building.

Well a few weeks ago this happened :

Photo 11-01-2018, 2 38 18 pm

I may have left the glasses on my bed and then leaned on them. They snapped and I was irrationally heartbroken about it. (I get very attached to my things, okay?) especially considering I had about three other pairs of sunglasses lying around but they weren’t the right pair! Continue reading

2018 Goals

I’m a little late with this new years goals post but it took me a little while to think about exactly what I wanted to write. I also spent the start of the year really sick but I’m over that now and ready to get down to business.

Last year the goals I set were varied but rather specific. The year before that I made resolutions instead. The way I do this changes every year depending on how I feel and what I’m ready for. I don’t like settings goals or resolutions that are pointless and will be broken so they change.

This year I’m picking one big thing to concentrate on. And other things that I hope will get done but are not so important.


My one big resolution for 2018 is to finish writing my book and then revise and edit it. I’m five chapters away from finishing my first draft. I think this will probably be done by the end of March which gives me a good chunk of the year to get it edited and polished up. There are obviously next steps to that but what happens after that isn’t in my control right now and will be decided when I get there. Editing and revising isn’t going to be an easy task and will be a lot of hard work so that is what I’m concentrating on. Hopefully this involves some betas and getting lots of feedback to help me improve it as well. Continue reading

Top Ten Best Books of 2017

The title is pretty self explanatory, no? Here is a list of the ten best books I read last year and also a little info about my reading year in general.

Read: 64

DNF: 7? I think (I really should keep better track of which books I’ve DNF’d but I don’t count then in my reading count)

About a third of the books I’ve read this year have been eARCs from netgalley (ARC = Advanced Reader Copy) and I’m so happy because books are so expensive! I’ve written reviews for every book I’ve read this year and regardless of whether I got them as arcs or not all my opinions are honest and my own. Quite a few gave made it onto my top ten but then I’ve just been really lucky to read some amazing ones this year.

So in no particular order, here are my top ten with really rubbish attempts at one line explanations.


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2017 Book Survey Tag

The year’s over! Ahhhh. Time to look back through all the books I’ve read this year. I’m doing the book survey which was made by Jamie over on this blog here. It’s a really fun tag, where you get to see the good, the bad and everything in between of what I read this year. I’ve edited it slightly, taken out a few questions that really don’t apply to me and merged some where the answer would be the same. It’s a long enough post even with those changes but I hope you’ll stick around to see what I thought.

*All these questions relate to books that I have read in 2017

book survey

Reading stats:

Books read: 64

Rereads: 3

Dnfs: 7? (Not counted in books read)

Most read genre: Fantasy

1. Best book you read in 2017?


The Foxhole Court, The Raven King, The Kings Men. All For The Game Trilogy by Nora Sakavic.

Without a doubt this series was the best thing I read in 2017 and yes, I know it said book, but I’m going with the whole trilogy, I read it in a week and then reread it the next week. I’ll try not to say this for every single answer from here in. Continue reading