Pre-Holiday Haul

There’s nothing like a holiday to burn a hole in my bank account and I’m not even talking about the actual holiday or the travel insurance that I had to renew. It’s all those little things you have to buy in. Some of them are boring holiday stuff like suntan lotion but I’m going to share some of the more exciting bits that I had to buy and the books I hope to read too (I’m hopefully more than half way through these books by now but I have no internet till I return).

Firstly, a holiday means a new crochet project to do while I’m lounging around. Which obviously means new yarn because…. Okay I just wanted new yarn. But I found a scarf pattern that looked interesting and used just one 150g ball of dk yarn (perfect to fit in the suitcase) The pattern called for sidar colourwheel but I preferred the colours of lion brand mandala. They’re both the same weight (and this one actually has a few extra metres so it should be fine) and here’s the one I picked:

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Cross Stitch SAL – Back to Christmas

Another cross stitch update for you. I’m going back to the Christmas cross stitch because I have reached a mini milestone

Here is where I was last time I shared:

Photo 05-02-2018, 2 24 04 pm

And here it is now:

Photo 01-03-2018, 5 42 02 pm

All of those snowflakes are now done! Hallelujah!!! Well, the falling ones anyway. I still have a row of the Scandinavian border snow flakes but that’s something different. You can see the gaps where I still have to stitch the two left over baubles and they will have gold lines ‘hanging’ them in place.

The baubles are quite big and have more dense stitching so I’ll probably only manage those for next time but then its on to the top section, there’s still quite a while to go but I’m happy that I can see the progress now.

Here are the links to everyone else that will be sharing the progress they’ve made on their stitchy projects today as part of the stitchalong:

Avis / Claire / Gun / Carole / Kate / Lucyanne / Sue / Constanze / Debbie / Christina / Kathy / Margaret / Cindy / Helen / Steph / Linda / Mary Margaret / Heidi / Connie / Jackie / Sunny

We have another two new members joining our SAL so welcome to Hayley and Tony

I’m away on holiday at the moment and don’t have any internet, but I’ll catch up with any comments and take a look at all the other posts once I’m back.

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Memo Pad: Indieathon Books

I’m officially leaving to go on holiday today which means an end to taking part in indieathon. I already had a holiday TBR before I found out about indieathon but I decided to take part for the first couple of weeks of March because I think self published and small press books deserve more of a spotlight. I did have a struggle at the start of the month as, being a mood reader, I’ve never taken part in a readathon before and I happened to really want to read a book that was definitely not indie! I managed to get it read quickly though and then dove back in. I managed 5 books in just under 3 weeks which is pretty great for me.

My favourite book was definitely Heart of Mist which was amazing but I enjoyed all of the books I read. There were so many to pick from and I have a lot more indie books on my kindle already bought for me to read at some point.

mp indieathon

But onto the reviews:

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Quilting Progress – Finally!

In my 2018 goals post, I talked about how I really wanted to finish my first quilt this year. I’m moving in summer and, as I mentioned then, I’m not sure my sewing machine will get set up where we move to so I’m attempting, however vainly, to get it done by then.

Last year my process was to piece the quilt blocks, basted them and quilted them in sets of four. (there are four blocks of each of the six fabrics I’m using).

I managed to completely finish just 2 sets of four last year, and pieced the tops of the next set.

Evidently this method doesn’t work for me, stopping to cut material is the biggest time consumer (other than all those other projects I did but shhh). So I’ve decided to piece all of the blocks in one go, baste them all and them quilt them all.

Step one and two of this plan was finished this week. Like the awesome blogger I am, I forgot to take any photos as I was going along.  Continue reading

10 More Most Anticipated Books of 2018

Here I am again telling you about even more amazing books that are being/have been released this year. My original top ten is here, but I’ve heard of so many amazing books since I managed to narrow it down to ten for that list that I just had to do another one.

Some of them have already been released (because its March already, when did that happen?!) but I’ve listed them by release date so without further ado*:

10 more most anticipated releases of 2018

*okay, a bit more ado, the links are all to the goodreads pages for that book so you can go and add them, and the releases dates are according to goodreads so don’t quote me on them or anything


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And now for something completely different…

Before anyone worries, I haven’t abandoned my Christmas cross stitch, but I’ve been working on it since August and I needed a break. There’s only so long you can stay interested in stitching white on red and apparently my limit is 6 months!

I did do a few more of the snowflakes but it’s started to feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I know I am, and I’ve only got about a third left of the whole project to do but that’s still a long way. I think once I finish the bit I’m on it’ll be more exciting again, and then it’ll be time to fill in all the gold which will be fun.

But in the meantime, I’ve started a quick little cross stitch based on the notebooks I designed a couple of weeks ago. I changed the design slightly but here’s where I am after just a week of stitching:

Photo 26-02-2018, 3 10 22 pm

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March TBR

I heard about a new readathon over on twitter recently called indieathon which is all about reading indie/selfpublished or small press published books during the month of march. Now, I am going on holiday towards the end of march and I already have plenty of books on my holiday TBR to be getting on with but this readathon is such a good idea that I’m going to take part for the first couple of weeks of march.

It’s hosted by Lia and you can see the announcement post for more information over on her blog HERE, And you can check out her post all about it here. Or search for the hashtag on twitter #indieathon where hopefully lots of people will be talking about it and you can check out some peoples recs as self published books can be a bit hard to find sometimes.

The readathon also has a bingo card that you can use to check things off. I’m not sure if I should be doing one square for each book or all of the ones that apply to each book. Is that cheating? Haha.



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