Memo Pad: April Book Wrap Up

This has been my worst reading month in a very long time. I only managed to complete three books, two of which were novellas. I did however beta read a book for a writer friend of mine that I can’t really add to my tally. So it’s not quite as bad as it feels.

Most of my time this month had been taken up by editing my novel, and will probably continue to take up a lot of time next month, but I’m hopeful that as I’ve now finished this section of editing, I’ll be able to read a bit more.

I’ve also only bought four books over the last two months which is REALLY good for me! They were Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, Thornfruit by Felicia Davin, Everless by Sara Holland and Cinder by Marissa Meyer. haul

Although I did accidentally add quite a few arcs to my kindle through review requests and netgalley (my finger slipped, okay?). I’m really trying not to as I currently have enough to last me a few months now but sometimes things just sound too good to miss,

mp april2018

Read: 3                    DNF:1

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Life Update

In which I tell you I am so completely snowed under. I should point out I mean metaphorically just in case anyone thinks we’ve had yet another springtime snow storm.

I have books to read for review. I have books to read to beta. I have MY book to read because I am editing and it’s ridiculously difficult and time consuming. (I actually had a dream about verb endings the other day, it was partially someone lecturing me and partially the actual verb endings animated with arms and legs and nodding along).

But to focus on what’s been taking up most of my time over the last couple of weeks:

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Book Tropes I need more of – Rec me!

I’ve been thinking recently about book tropes, and finding books we are going to love. But first, incase anyone doesn’t know what I am talking about, what is a trope? Google tells me it’s “a significant or recurring theme” and when used in the context of books it tends to mean an element of the plot (the love triangle, tragic backstory ) or a type of character (the chosen one, secret royalty, strong female lead) or the world it’s set in (magic school, dystopian society, generic fantasy world).

A lot of the time we think about tropes that we see in books as a bad thing. And they definitely can be, but a bad trope is subjective. Everyone is different and we are all going to love to read different things too. There’s a reason the same things appear in books so frequently. There’s no denying that when we find something we enjoy we want more of it. And finding a trope we love can be an easy way to find similar books that we are going to love or finding a trope we hate can help us avoid books we probably won’t like. That’s not to say that we should always read similar books to our interests, sometimes finding a book that is completely different is the best but it can help.

I can’t deny that I’m an absolute sucker for certain tropes. And I’m going to list some of my favourites and include books that fall under them. Some of my examples cross over (who could have guessed) so I’m adding them where they’re most suited even if they match multiple.


If any of these remind you of books you’ve read please let me know in the comments and recommend them to me! I’d also love to hear what tropes you love or hate too. But on to the tropes…. Continue reading

Cross Stitch SAL update

It’s time to show you some more cross stitching. We’re jumping over from my Christmas project back to my other project.

Here’s where it was last time I shared this project:

Photo 26-02-2018, 3 10 22 pm

And here’s where it is now:

Photo 13-04-2018, 4 35 54 pm

Progress but to tell you the truth I haven’t actually stitched anything for about five weeks now. This was all done before I went on holiday and in the two and a half weeks since I’ve been back I haven’t done one stitch. I’ve been completely drowning in editing my novel and haven’t done anything else. Im hoping that will change and I’ll get some balance back but I guess I’ll have to wait and see. It’s difficult to get all of the things I have to fix out of my mind for long enough to do anything else! Continue reading

Holiday Crochet FO!

Guys! I actually finished the scarf I started crocheting on holiday while ON holiday! Normally I bring a new project with me just to crochet when I feel like it and end up finishing it over the following weeks after I got home but I finished it!

This has a lot to do with the fact that I got really sick half way through my holiday (No thanks to the six hour delay we had at the airport) which meant I lacked the brain power to read. So instead I crocheted. And on my last full day it was so close to being finished that i decided to go for it. I ended up finishing at about 9pm when we had an early start the next day but i do not regret it!

Photo 04-04-2018, 2 20 32 pm

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Memo Pad: Holiday Books

So last week I shared my holiday TBR with you. It had eight books on it and I knew I’d never read that many but I was hoping to read six of them while I was away. That didn’t happen as I got sick halfway through my holiday and my brain basically died so I wasn’t able or in the mood to really read anything for the second half of the holiday but I still read four books. So all was not lost. And now that I’m back I’m here to share them with you.

mp holiday

Read: 4


The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas *****

I’m honestly not sure what to say about this other than this is the kind of book that makes me realise that I’m really not a contemporary book kinda gal. I did love the autism rep for a female character, Grace was really relatable and I really felt for her in the situations in the book. But then on the other side….. Nothing really happened? This will almost completely be because I normally read fantasy or sci fi and so just expect bigger events. I spent pretty much the whole book waiting for something to happen but I don’t think that’s a fault of the book so much as just, this isn’t my genre. I have been reading a lot more contemporary lately but the kind of contemporary where people still die…..

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Top 10 Favourite Characters in Non-Favourite Books

Top Ten Tuesdays is a blog tag hosted over at The Artsy Reader, there is a new topic every week and this weeks is; Top Ten Characters I liked That Were In Non-Favorite/Disliked Books

I want to preface this by saying I didn’t hate any of these books. It’s why I’ve said non-favourite books rather than disliked books. Some of them I disliked more than others but generally there was just something that let me down and disappointed me. Sometimes it was literally just the writing style that I didn’t get on with.

But here’s five(ish) books that weren’t my favourites but still had characters I loved in


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