Cross Stitch SAL update

It’s time to share some more progress on the cross stitch project I’m working on.

More gold stitching but this time the section above what I did last time. I’m still really liking the gold stitching but haven’t managed to do as much as I’d like.

I’m not going to show you and then and now, instead I’m going to show you what the part I’m working on looked like before the gold.

So here is the bit I’m working on with just white stitches:

Photo 12-07-2018, 2 11 29 pm

And here it is now with some gold:

Photo 29-09-2018, 2 30 11 pm

I’ve finished that Scandinavian snow flakes border and moved on to filling in the swirly bits. The part around the ‘let it snow’ is done so you can see how the lettering will stay blank with the red fabric showing through. Hopefully next time I’ll finish this bit and more up to the baubles.

Here are the links to everybody else taking part in the Sal

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We post updates on all the different cross stitch projects we’re working on every three weeks.

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Memo Pad: September Wrap Up

I’ve had another good reading month. 5 finished books, and the month started so well with three 5* books in a row although I did end up DNFing one at the end. Unfortunately I did get sucked into netgalley and requested a few more than I should have. After a couple of months of not really seeing anything I wanted to read there (the UK site, so there isn’t as many as the .com one) there seemed to be so many I wanted all at once. But I’ll mention that later.

In other non-reading news, I am passed the half way mark for writing #ExcitingSpaceWIP. I’ve made a few changes but I’m loving it and trying not to get carried away. So far I’ve stuck to only writing two chapters a week in an attempt not to get obsessed. (Although i did accidently write a 3.9k chapter in a day the other week and OUCH my hand hurt after that).

As far as my book buying ban is going…. Well, theoretically I did really well this month and haven’t bought any books. But seeing as the whole reason behind it was to get through books I already own then the fact I received 5 earcs/review copies means I didn’t actually do very well in bringing the number of books on my kindle down. But its still down by one so that’s progress, right?

To be fair it wasn’t fully my fault? One of the books I wanted to read was a sequel so I emailed the publisher to get the first book in the series too (Darkling and Undertow by Brooklyn Ray). One of the books was a Sci fi about thieves who steal things with magic. So I’m not responsible for requesting that (Stealing Life by Anthony Johnston). And then at the end of the month a request that I made months ago got approved and normally when they don’t get back to you for that long it’s a no (The bird king by G Willow Wilson). So really I can only be blamed for two…..

On to the numbers:

Unread Owned Books at Start of Month: 60

Books Bought: 0

Books Acquired: 5 (All arcs and review copies)

Books Read: 5 + 1 DNF

Unread Owned Books at End of Month: 59

It did go down by one, although if you look at my kindle shelf on goodreads it says I only have 58 books instead of 59 because one of the arcs isn’t on goodreads yet. In other number related things I’m pretty sure I’m going to beat my goodreads reading challenge by the end of next month. I set my target this year to read 52 books and I only have 3 books left to read to reach it (I don’t count DNFs towards that, just to be clear). So hopefully I’ll have that to celebrate for the next monthly wrap up. And hopefully i’ll make a bigger dent than 1 on my owned tbr!

But back to this month:

mp sep 2018

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Linen Stitch Crochet Square Blanket

I mentioned the new yarn I bought recently and gave a teaser last week of my progress on the blanket but I thought I’d do a full post on the blanket because a) I’m fully in love with it and b)…. Okay, I’m just fully in love with it and hopefully no one has got bored of me mentioning it yet!

Photo 30-08-2018, 1 15 25 pm

So most of you probably know that linen stitch is pretty much my favourite ever crochet stitch and I was dead set making a blanket using it.

I’m not following a pattern but I did take inspiration off a couple of designs on ravelry and switched things up.

These two:

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Top Ten Tuesdays: Fall TBR

I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday which is now hosted over at The Artsy Reader Girl. This weeks topic was fall TBR or the books I want to read this autumn,

So here’s the top ten books I want to read over the next few months. I am still on my book buying ban that I started in June in my attempt to get through some of the books pilling up on my kindle so these are the top ten books I want to read that I already own.

I still have about 60 books on my kindle so it wasn’t as easy as it sounds and I could easily have listed twenty or more books I want to read over the next few months. Seeing as I won’t read that many anyway I’ve narrowed it down.

Links go to goodreads, I’m not going to copy the blurbs for sequels because spoilers!

ttt fall

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Goings On

I have a quick teaser update for the yarn I showed you last week. The blanket is going well and it is ridiculously soft and cuddly. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever made anything this snugly. It’s going to be one big square (think granny square but using a different stitch). It looks like two here but I’ve just folded it over so you can see the reverse is identical. I love reversible stitches!

Photo 07-09-2018, 2 51 00 pm

I’ve finished a full ball of the cappuccino and have just done my first row of the second colour. The red which looks very bright! I’m loving it. Although each row around the square is getting longer to do so progress will be slowing down.

In other news, a lot has been happening here over the last week. My brother and his girlfriend left yesterday for their two year round the world trip! See you in two years, bro! And my nan, (and my cat) moved out into her own assisted living apartment that’s been all done up and snazzy. Which means, a) the house is now much quieter with half the occupants. And, b) the whole family (without the cat) went out for a goodbye meal.

There was thirteen of us… I think? I can’t count that high, okay? We went out to a lovely Chinese restaurant and had yummy food. I’m resting up now. It was the first time I left the house since the move one month ago. In fact. It’s the first time I made it down the stairs in that time. So lots of resting up in order.

In the meantime I’ve been writing more of my Exciting Space WIP. I’m over a third way through which is ….. exciting! I’ll be finished writing it in November, which simultaneously feels like its going quickly and is an absolute age away!

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Golden Stitching (SAL)

After all that testing last time I finally got back to some real stitching and I have to say I am soooo happy with how the gold looks on the project.

I chose to use the Kreinik #4 braid in the end (Japan Gold) as it just looked the best to me. It is the most expensive of the ones I tested (typical!) and I had to buy quite a few lots of it as I’m sure it’ll get used up quickly.

Photo 07-09-2018, 2 53 33 pm

But so far it is looking so worth it. It’s always nervewracking to see if the colours work when I’ve designed my own pattern and after all that white stitching I’m just so happy with how it looks. I started back down the bottom and will work my way up. I had enough of stitching bells after last time! Continue reading

New Yarn, New Project

My yarn stash finally got depleted enough to defend buying more. I only had 3 balls of yarn left.

And yes, okay mum, I did give a lot of it away when we moved but it was yarn I was never going to use again left over from four years ago when I had to give up knitting. So I bought more. Obviously.

I did start by trying to use one of those 3 balls. I spent lots of time trawling through ravelry and have mashed a few different ideas together but to do it i needed to buy more yarn. The one ball wasn’t enough for a full project whatever I wanted to do with it so to use that 1 ball I bought…. 6 more.

Ta da!

Photo 30-08-2018, 1 14 55 pm

It’s King Cole big value 4 ply in red (the one I already had), plum, peacock, and four balls of cappuccino. The white on the website looked too white so I went with the cappuccino instead and I think it goes with the other colours really well. And its really cheap too?

I mean its super cheap compared to the the 3 balls of scheepjes whirl 4 ply that i wanted to buy. They are SO pretty! But paying over £60 for yarn to make a small blanket is a lot. I bought the equivalent amount of yarn (actually I bought 40grams more yarn) and it only cost me £20 instead AND it will be cheaper if I want to make the blanket bigger too. So all around I think I was very responsible. (But they’re so pretty…..)

I’m sure I’ll end up buying one at some point but I’ve avoided it for a while longer. I’ve only just started the blanket I’m planning to make (the yarn only arrived yesterday) so you’ll have to wait for an update to see what I’m doing.

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