Memo Pad: November Book Wrap Up

It’s nearly December! Christmas time! And I have officially got my owned tbr down to just 50 books which was my goal way back in June when I went on my book buying ban! My goal for next year will be to keep that number from going above 50 which means however many books I can read next month is the amount of books I’ll be allowed to buy for Christmas. If I’m lucky I’ll read four or maybe five.

Race on!

In other news related to the fact it’s nearly next year already, I went through my list of 2018 releases I want to read and managed to narrow it down to a shortlist of 15….

I also went through all of the backlist books on my out of control tbr on goodreads (so anything published before 2018) and narrowed that down to a list of 38 books I want to read the most. So when Christmas comes I’ll only have a very reasonable list of 53 books to choose from. *cries*

The good news is, with 2019 so close, I might be able to get to some 2019 releases by…. 2020? If I’m lucky.

In non book related news….. Um. Really nothing much has happened this month? I’m doing a first round of edits of my #ExcitingSpaceWIP which feels like it’s taking ages but I’m 85% in and should finish it next week. I feel like I’ve named it aptly because I am muchly excited. I’ve also finally started making Christmas cards which is about a month late but is progress!!

mp nov 2018

On to my book stats for the month:

Books on owned tbr at start: 55

Books bought/acquired: 0/0

Books read: 4

Books DNF’d: 1

Books on owned tbr at end: 50!!!!

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Crochet Blankets Galore

Okay so, galore may be over stating things a bit. Two. There are two crochet blankets in this post. Neither of which is technically finished. But it has ignited my love for crochet blankets and there are easily another three blankets that I now want to make. But I’ll save that post for a very very far off future.

A very long time ago, (a couple months) I talked about a linen stitch square blanket. Well I semi finished it weeks ago (wow this post is so overdue).

Here it is :

Photo 10-11-2018, 12 48 05 pm

Is 4 foot square. I used up all the yarn I bought which was all I was planning on doing but now I’m thinking…… I might buy another two balls of the cappuccino and another of the blue peacock colour to do an extra round of colour.

My reasoning is two fold.

  1. As it is, my feet stick out the end of the blanket which isn’t great. Granted I’m very rarely ever lying straight but…. It’s not very satisfying to make a blanket that your feet stick out of. And,
  2. I originally started this blanket to use the one ball of red yarn I had. I bought another six balls to do this. The stripes used up all of what I had of the red and all of the purple on that final stripe. But now I have half of the blue ball left.

If I buy another blue and two cappuccino it’d be enough for another stripe. Making the blanket large enough for my poor cold tootsies and using up that blue ball….

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Christmas Cross Stitch

Progress has been made on my Christmas cross stitch. Lots of it, Too bad I don’t have a way to add another month in before Christmas because it might have actually been done in time but alas.

Here’s where I was after the last update three weeks ago:

Photo 27-10-2018, 4 36 10 pm

I’d just started on that first big bauble. This time I got a lot of work done on the baubles and, if I do say so my self, they look so pretty!

Photo 05-11-2018, 5 28 33 pm

I’m not sure you can tell just how shiny the gold is but it is! The two line and dot baubles have been finished (I’m not even sure you can really tell but there are gold dots in there!) and the big bauble has been finished with its little hat on too.

I’m hoping that for next time I’ll have the last one and a half baubles done and all the stitching for the ‘strings’ they hang on as well. And then it’ll be up to the top sections. Still a lot to do but I’ll have to start thinking about the finish.

Here are a couple of closer shots of before and after just so you can see a bit more detail: Continue reading