Book Series I Will Finish (Book Series #2)

Last week on the blog I posted the first in a run of blog posts about book series. That post which you can find here was about series I loved but won’t finish (TL;DR basically I’ve forgotten them). To even up the stakes I thought my second post would be about book series I AM going to keep reading….Probably.

I want to preface this by saying this list will be books that have already been published, my next post in this series will be about ones I’m waiting for. (some of these series haven’t been fully published yet but there are books that HAVE been published I haven’t read yet).


So series I will keep reading (Links go to the goodreads page for the first book in each series):

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Taking Breaks from Creativity

If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ll know, because I’ve mentioned it a lot, that I’m currently editing a novel that I’ve written (and wow, editing is so much more work than writing). I’ve been editing it for a couple months now and its a full time thing. Getting my brain to focus and stay focused on one thing is a task in its self. I can do it but after a while my brain starts getting sluggish, and instead of being excited I get indifferent. It becomes a chore rather than a something exciting.

The point in this post is, after I finished my last round of edits I took a week off. A well deserved break where I didn’t even look at the thing. Nope, not allowed. I had life things I needed to catch up on after putting everything on hold to edit but otherwise it was a week off. No work allowed! Continue reading

Series I loved but won’t finish

I really don’t talk about book series much and there’s so many to talk about. Mainly, that I’m really bad at reading them! I’m terrible at finishing a series of books as I’m a mood reader and I either read the whole series in a week or I don’t feel like picking the next book up. But most of my all time favourite books are series and Aurora has been talking about all of the unfinished series she has on her blog Aurora Librialis lately (You can see the latest one here but check out her whole blog because it’s great) and it got me thinking that it would be interesting to do a….. series…. of blog posts about all the book series that are on my radar in different ways.

This is going to include quite a few topics but I’m going to start with a list of series that I absolutely loved but won’t actually ever finish reading.

Why wouldn’t I finish a series that I loved? Honestly the main reason is that I have completely forgotten what happened in them and would be so lost if I kept reading. And with so many amazing books out there that I haven’t read yet, I can’t bring myself to go back and reread the other books to carry on. Moral of the story, if I really like a series I should read them all at once. But maybe one day? I don’t know, let me know if you think I should keep going with any of these series.

So without further ado, series I loved but won’t finish:


(All links go to the goodreads page for the first book in the series)

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SAL update and finally some stitching

I blitzed some stitching over the last week which means, after having not stitched anything for about five weeks, I do have some cross stitch progress to show you just in time for the stitchalong!

Here’s where I was last time on my adventure project
Photo 13-04-2018, 4 35 54 pm

And here’s where I am now:

Photo 04-05-2018, 2 54 52 pm

The bad news is that I ran out of the teal coloured thread with only 2 letters left to stitch so I’ll have to buy more to finish it. But its possible I’ll have a finish for you next time around! And then I can get back to my Christmas cross stitch which still has a lot of work left on it.

Here’s everyone else taking part in the Sal:

Avis // Claire // Gun // Carole // LucyAnn, // Kate // Sue // Constanze // Debbierose // Christina // Kathy // Margaret // Cindy // Helen // Steph // Linda // Mary Margaret // Heidi // Jackie // Sunny // Hayley // Tony // Megan // Timothy

We post updates on the different cross stitching projects that we are doing every three weeks and there are some lovely projects going.

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Crochet Update

I’ve made lots of progress on the crochet scarf that I showed you all when I first started a week or two ago. The good news is that I’m really loving the way this yarn is stitching up in linen stitch. Definitely my new favourite stitch (yes, okay, I know I say that whenever I come across a stitch I like) I’m not the biggest fan of variegated yarn usually but the colour changes in this are just long enough and the stitch close enough that it looks really nice.

Photo 26-04-2018, 4 33 39 pm

The bad news is that, yes, I didn’t chain enough and its a bit too short. I’m definitely going to be adding sections onto the end but my dilemma is whether or not I’ll have enough yarn to do this and/or whether I should do it in a different colour. Looking through my stash these are the colours that could possibly work.

Photo 26-04-2018, 4 32 25 pm

What do you think? Green, dark green or the weird limey green (my mum calls it vomit green but I actually really like the colour). The green is pretty much a match for the darkest green in the scarf.

Which would you choose or do you think I should just try very hard to do it in the same yarn? (the ball of variegated yarn looks bigger than it is, I was working from the centre so its pretty hollow right now) I don’t want to buy any yarn to finish this as the whole point was to use up the left over King Cole flash I had.

And should I do two equal sections on either end or one larger colour block on one end? Questions, questions.

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Memo Pad: April Book Wrap Up

This has been my worst reading month in a very long time. I only managed to complete three books, two of which were novellas. I did however beta read a book for a writer friend of mine that I can’t really add to my tally. So it’s not quite as bad as it feels.

Most of my time this month had been taken up by editing my novel, and will probably continue to take up a lot of time next month, but I’m hopeful that as I’ve now finished this section of editing, I’ll be able to read a bit more.

I’ve also only bought four books over the last two months which is REALLY good for me! They were Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, Thornfruit by Felicia Davin, Everless by Sara Holland and Cinder by Marissa Meyer. haul

Although I did accidentally add quite a few arcs to my kindle through review requests and netgalley (my finger slipped, okay?). I’m really trying not to as I currently have enough to last me a few months now but sometimes things just sound too good to miss,

mp april2018

Read: 3                    DNF:1

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Life Update

In which I tell you I am so completely snowed under. I should point out I mean metaphorically just in case anyone thinks we’ve had yet another springtime snow storm.

I have books to read for review. I have books to read to beta. I have MY book to read because I am editing and it’s ridiculously difficult and time consuming. (I actually had a dream about verb endings the other day, it was partially someone lecturing me and partially the actual verb endings animated with arms and legs and nodding along).

But to focus on what’s been taking up most of my time over the last couple of weeks:

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