Christmas stitching

I have been speed stitching for the last week trying to have some progress to show you after not stitching since October and I’ve actually gotten quite a lot done.

Here’s where I was last time:

And here is what that little Aladdin’s lamp turned into:


Two reindeer have appeared (and yes, before you say it, I’m aware reindeer have antlers, but the antlers are going to be stitched in gold like the swirly bits above will be.)

I even managed to move on to the start of the ‘Merry Christmas’ part. Which hopefully I’ll have finished for the next update but then it is Christmas so maybe I’ll focus on having a merry christmas insetad!

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We post an update on whatever projects we’re working on every three weeks and cheer each other along. So go check out what everyone else is up to and we’re always happy for new members.


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Christmassy Crochet – Wrist Warmers

I bought some lovely new yarn last week. I felt like I deserved it and, after years of trying to work through my stash, I think my will power is finally dying.

In my defence I needed some 4 ply yarn for the thing I wanted to make and I didn’t have any of that. So I bought these pretty balls while the black Friday sale was going on and I also bought myself a new double ended hook.


The hook is much shorter than all the other double ended hooks I have, it’s the length of a normal crochet hook rather than the length of a long knitting needle. The long hooks are brilliant for larger things like hats or cowls but I wanted to make wrist warmers and thought this one would be a lot less fiddly than a long hook for something that small.

The multi-coloured yarn is King Cole Party and the colour way is called festive and it really is. It’s so lovely, and has a thread of sparkly gold going through it. This does make it slightly scratchy though but if you read my post any Tunisian crochet hats, you’ll know for Tunisian crochet in the round you use two balls of yarn. One for the front of the work and one for the back. So I got a plain ball of softer King Cole Big Value red yarn for the part of the wrist warmer that is actually against the wrist. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo – How Did I Do?

Nanowrimo is over! I can finally get back to life!

Okay, so I actually stopped with about five days left so I’ve been back to real life for almost a week now but it’s so weird waking up and having to decide what to do today rather than just – write!

So how did my Nano go?


Well, initially I set my minimum goal to write 6 chapters of my new story. I figured that would be about 25k. I never go into nano setting my expectations too high. As a spoonie and chronically ill writer, I know there’s going to be limits. Personally I use nano as a place to jump off from, a boost to get me over the first bump of the story and not simply to write 50k in a month regardless of what I’m writing.

Going in I had the whole story planned out and had a chapter plan written. For me that means a couple of bullet points about what happens in each of my 20 chapters plus who the POV for each chapter is. I also had eleven of those chapters fully outlined, which for me is about 1k word outline per chapter. Continue reading

Memo Pad: November Books

This was a bit of a weird reading month for me. I previously mentioned I didn’t want to read any fantasy books as it confuses me when I’m writing the same genre as I’m reading. And seeing as I am writing a fantasy for nanowrimo that was out. I had quite a few contemporary books saved up on my kindle that I’d bought over the last few months that were mostly on offers that I was going to read. That might have contributed to the fact I DNF’d three books this month. Maybe there was a reason some of them were on offer? I was also in a reading slump at the start of the month which also didn’t help. But the good news is some of them were amazing! The two books I most wanted to read this month were brilliant, but I put them off until I was back in a reading mood (so I didn’t ruin them) and Silent got me back in the mood to read so phew.

READ: 3                   DNF: 3


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Tunisian Crochet cats… I mean hats.

Last week I told your about my habit of starting new projects while I’m at my busiest and my failed attempt at knitting socks. Well this week I’ll show you what the other projects I mentioned were. Basically, hats.

Tunisian crochet in the round hats because that has always seemed like a brilliant idea to me so I thought id give it a go.

I’ve wanted to do it for about a year now but at first I didn’t have the yarn then a couple of months ago I bought the yarn (two balls of DK becuase you need two if your doing tunisian in the round) but wasn’t in the mood to crochet. And now that I’m mega busy, oh look, I’m in the mood to crochet!

Now I’m going to detour here and just tell you that Tunisian crochet it my favourite. It’s as soft as knitting is (my main dislike of normal crochet is that it’s not soft enough) but still done with one hook like crochet. To do it in the round you use a double ended Tunisian crochet hook like these…..

WP_20171122_16_49_46_Pro Continue reading

Cross Stitch Update

Time for another update, and to be honest I did most of this right at the start of the month and haven’t stitched on it since because I’ve been focusing all my time on writing for NaNoWriMo. But I do have progress to show you.

Here’s last time and then now:


I got that Scandinavian-ish line finished and moved down onto a couple more snowflakes and….. the next bit, It looks a bit like Aladdin’s lamp right now. Any guesses to what it will be? I’ll hopefully be able to show you in you next update. I had to repin the fabric to get onto this bit which is exciting but I unpined it again to show you all.

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We post what progress we’ve made on our individual projects every three weeks and then jump around and see what everyone else is up to. Is a great way to stay motivated and see some lovely projects evolving.

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Knitting … or Not

You know those times when you’ve just got so much going on and you’re spreading yourself a bit thin because you don’t have enough time to spend on all the projects you have on the go and you think you should probably stop doing something or at least do something less because you just can’t do everything? You know those times? I’ve been feeling like that a little lately, to the extent that I haven’t done any of my quilt in a month or two now and so I figured the logical thing to do was to start a couple more projects and reteach myself a craft I haven’t done in about five years……

That makes sense, right? Save me?

Anyway, said craft that I haven’t done in about five years is knitting. Because with my illness I just don’t have the energy to be moving both my arms like a chicken. So I had to give it up. Before I gave it up, and I mean about a month before, I bought a massive pack of dpn needles  WP_20171026_14_34_32_Pro Continue reading