First Finish of the Year

I’m starting the year off with a finish and no, it’s neither of the blankets I was working on last time I shared my crochet projects. Whoops! Instead I started a new blanket from the yarn I received from Christmas because it was new and exciting. 

My initial idea actually didn’t work as the yarn I bought has colour changes a lot shorter than I expected from the picture and ended up looking muddy and messy. So I frogged it all and had a think.

I decided to follow this pattern from raverly which is a corner to corner linen stitch. One of the projects actually used similar colours to what I had so I copied that and…..

Ta da….

The new idea used two instead of the the three yarns I was originally planning to use so it’s smaller. A good sized lap blanket.

I love the colours and the way it goes from rainbow to monochrome.

The pattern says it’s square /rectangle deepening on which you want but I’m not certain it truly is. It might be if I were to block it but currently it lies a little skewed. But then, it’ll be draped over someones lap when in use so it really doesn’t matter much!

Now that’s finished I should get back to those two linen stitch square blankets I need to finish, right? Well, ummm, I may have started a completely different blanket from more of the yarn I got from Christmas! Double whoops!!!

Too early to share it yet but the yarn, scheepjes colour crofter, is SO SOFT it’s actually ridiculous. It’s DK and pretty cheap especially considering how gorgeous it feels!

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New Year, New Project (SAL)

It’s a new year, and with finally finishing the stitching on my Christmas project (which no, I haven’t finished up properly yet), it’s also time for a new project.

I’ve only just got this started and is going to be a really simple design. A Latin quote, big letters, nothing fancy except I’m stitching it on black fabric for the first time (18 count aida, my go to).

The letters are really big (like 3 inches high) and I might do a smaller version to use up some of the left over fabric as the scraps are a bit too small to use for anything else.

I think the black would look amazing with bright colours like I’ve seen a few of the other stitchalongers do but I thought I’d keep it simple for my first time stitching on black but also because I haven’t had time to design anything else!

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Welcome back to Mary Margaret, and hello to our new stitchers Renee & Jenny !!

We post updates for all our individual projects every three weeks

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Christmas is Here!! (SAL)

I finished it! I have a very Christmassy happy dance to share with you all! The final bells are in place and the fabric has been unrolled.

Here is my Christmas cross stitch all finished:

By all finished I obviously just mean the stitching. It has not been made into a wall hanging yet. Too much going on to even attempt that but I will hopefully get that done after Christmas. Although it definitely won’t be for the next update. I have no idea what I will show you then because I’m not sure I have another project to jump into. I’ve been too busy to design anything. Hmmmmm.

It’s taken me a very long time (over a year at least) but I’m very happy with it. I’m so pleased the gold works with the white. I’m still in love with the bright red fabric. Yay.

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I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and Happy holidays and I look forward to seeing more lovely projects grow next year!

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Christmas is coming too fast (SAL)

We’re getting so close to Christmas and unfortunately I’ve run out of time to have my Christmas project finished even though I’ve made a lot of progress.

Here is where I was up to last time I showed you my cross stitch

Photo 05-11-2018, 5 28 33 pm

This time around I’ve managed to finish all the baubles, strings AND the snowflake border. You can even see the start of the bells….

Photo 28-11-2018, 4 02 30 pm

This is the very top of the project so those bells are all I have left to do! I’ll have to get the white thread back out to do some of the bells as I decided on one white and one gold on each side of jingle bells. That will be the last of the stitching but I probably won’t be able to get it all done in time. And even if I did there’s no way I’ll be able to finish it up before christmas. Oh well. There’s always next year.

I’m really in love with it so far though. It’s turning out better than I hoped when I designed it. So I’m just looking forward to seeing what it’s like when it’s done.

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We share updates on our individual cross stitch projects every three weeks.

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Crochet Blankets Galore

Okay so, galore may be over stating things a bit. Two. There are two crochet blankets in this post. Neither of which is technically finished. But it has ignited my love for crochet blankets and there are easily another three blankets that I now want to make. But I’ll save that post for a very very far off future.

A very long time ago, (a couple months) I talked about a linen stitch square blanket. Well I semi finished it weeks ago (wow this post is so overdue).

Here it is :

Photo 10-11-2018, 12 48 05 pm

Is 4 foot square. I used up all the yarn I bought which was all I was planning on doing but now I’m thinking…… I might buy another two balls of the cappuccino and another of the blue peacock colour to do an extra round of colour.

My reasoning is two fold.

  1. As it is, my feet stick out the end of the blanket which isn’t great. Granted I’m very rarely ever lying straight but…. It’s not very satisfying to make a blanket that your feet stick out of. And,
  2. I originally started this blanket to use the one ball of red yarn I had. I bought another six balls to do this. The stripes used up all of what I had of the red and all of the purple on that final stripe. But now I have half of the blue ball left.

If I buy another blue and two cappuccino it’d be enough for another stripe. Making the blanket large enough for my poor cold tootsies and using up that blue ball….

Continue reading

Christmas Cross Stitch

Progress has been made on my Christmas cross stitch. Lots of it, Too bad I don’t have a way to add another month in before Christmas because it might have actually been done in time but alas.

Here’s where I was after the last update three weeks ago:

Photo 27-10-2018, 4 36 10 pm

I’d just started on that first big bauble. This time I got a lot of work done on the baubles and, if I do say so my self, they look so pretty!

Photo 05-11-2018, 5 28 33 pm

I’m not sure you can tell just how shiny the gold is but it is! The two line and dot baubles have been finished (I’m not even sure you can really tell but there are gold dots in there!) and the big bauble has been finished with its little hat on too.

I’m hoping that for next time I’ll have the last one and a half baubles done and all the stitching for the ‘strings’ they hang on as well. And then it’ll be up to the top sections. Still a lot to do but I’ll have to start thinking about the finish.

Here are a couple of closer shots of before and after just so you can see a bit more detail: Continue reading

Cross Stitch Update

I haven’t got a much progress to show you on my Christmas cross stitch as I’d like. The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me. But I have done some so here is where I was up to three weeks ago:

Photo 29-09-2018, 2 30 11 pm

And compared to now:

Photo 19-10-2018, 2 02 25 pm

I managed to get the swirls in the snow banks finished and moved up to filling on the gold on the first (and largest) bauble. I’ve only managed to do a small amount though. I was planning on getting much more done but alas life intervened. Continue reading