Memo Pad: October Book Wrap Up

Phew. It’s been such a busy month for me! And I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas already. I am not prepared. Somebody press pause, please!

Probably the biggest thing that happened this month is that I got diagnosed as autistic. I’ve discovered so much out about myself and I still am finding and figuring out things. So much of my life makes more sense now! This journey has been wild and I am so happy to have the certainty and confirmation of a diagnosis. The whole process was extremely nerve-racking but the actual appointment was very calm and it was actually really lovely to talk to someone who got it.

The timing of the appointment however wasn’t great. I had just one chapter left to write of #ExcitingSpaceWIP and two weeks later I still have one chapter left. Between recovering from the appointment and a load of forms that have suddenly landed on my lap, I just haven’t had the time to write the final chapter! But hopefully things will calm down soon and the plan is to get that chapter written by the end of the week. (Fingers crossed please!) Then I can give my autistic MC some closure too!

These things have meant that I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. This is just my third post this month compared to my normal 7 or 8. But more importantly I’ve been struggling to find time to read all your amazing posts. I have tried to make sure I’ve interacted and commented on posts of people who have interacted with me. But if I haven’t been around lately this is why

Reading wise I’ve had a bit of an average month to be honest. A couple of books I thought would be amazing were simply good (I’m hard to please I know, but last month had three 5* books so my expectations were high). Although a book I was expecting to only be average for me was amazing and my favourite book of the month. I did DNF one in there too.

But on to some stats on my ongoing book buying ban and attempt to get through my owned books.

Monthly stats:

Unread Owned Books at start: 59

Bought/Acquired: 0 / 2 earcs

Read: 5 (+1 DNF)

Unread Owned Books at end: 55

I couldn’t resist those two arcs, whoops. But I’m still doing really well…. Kind of. I mean that number is continually coming down so that’s a good thing. When I started this quest at the end of June I had about 75 books on my kindle. In four months that’s now down to 55 (damn those irresistible arcs!) and it looks like I’ll definitely be reaching my target of getting it below 50 before Christmas. (ready to buy more. Shhhhhh) No. But seriously I think my main goal next year will be to keep that number below 50. I’ll allow myself to buy some of the books I’m currently dreaming of but only so long as I don’t break that mark. And hopefully it will come down even more too. Continue reading


Top Ten Tuesdays: Longest Books

I’ve been a terrible blogger so far this month. Posting AND reading wise. I’m sorry everyone. But I’m back with a link up to TTT.

Top ten Tuesdays is a book tag now hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl. You can find this weeks link up post here. This week’s prompt was Top Ten longest books I’ve ever read but I’m going to switch it up a little bit. I decided to split this into two sections rather than stick completely to the topic. The five longest books I’ve read and loved and then the five longest books on my tbr. And I would love for you all to tell me of you’ve read any and especially if you recommend the ones I haven’t read yet.


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Memo Pad: September Wrap Up

I’ve had another good reading month. 5 finished books, and the month started so well with three 5* books in a row although I did end up DNFing one at the end. Unfortunately I did get sucked into netgalley and requested a few more than I should have. After a couple of months of not really seeing anything I wanted to read there (the UK site, so there isn’t as many as the .com one) there seemed to be so many I wanted all at once. But I’ll mention that later.

In other non-reading news, I am passed the half way mark for writing #ExcitingSpaceWIP. I’ve made a few changes but I’m loving it and trying not to get carried away. So far I’ve stuck to only writing two chapters a week in an attempt not to get obsessed. (Although i did accidently write a 3.9k chapter in a day the other week and OUCH my hand hurt after that).

As far as my book buying ban is going…. Well, theoretically I did really well this month and haven’t bought any books. But seeing as the whole reason behind it was to get through books I already own then the fact I received 5 earcs/review copies means I didn’t actually do very well in bringing the number of books on my kindle down. But its still down by one so that’s progress, right?

To be fair it wasn’t fully my fault? One of the books I wanted to read was a sequel so I emailed the publisher to get the first book in the series too (Darkling and Undertow by Brooklyn Ray). One of the books was a Sci fi about thieves who steal things with magic. So I’m not responsible for requesting that (Stealing Life by Anthony Johnston). And then at the end of the month a request that I made months ago got approved and normally when they don’t get back to you for that long it’s a no (The bird king by G Willow Wilson). So really I can only be blamed for two…..

On to the numbers:

Unread Owned Books at Start of Month: 60

Books Bought: 0

Books Acquired: 5 (All arcs and review copies)

Books Read: 5 + 1 DNF

Unread Owned Books at End of Month: 59

It did go down by one, although if you look at my kindle shelf on goodreads it says I only have 58 books instead of 59 because one of the arcs isn’t on goodreads yet. In other number related things I’m pretty sure I’m going to beat my goodreads reading challenge by the end of next month. I set my target this year to read 52 books and I only have 3 books left to read to reach it (I don’t count DNFs towards that, just to be clear). So hopefully I’ll have that to celebrate for the next monthly wrap up. And hopefully i’ll make a bigger dent than 1 on my owned tbr!

But back to this month:

mp sep 2018

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Top Ten Tuesdays: Fall TBR

I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday which is now hosted over at The Artsy Reader Girl. This weeks topic was fall TBR or the books I want to read this autumn,

So here’s the top ten books I want to read over the next few months. I am still on my book buying ban that I started in June in my attempt to get through some of the books pilling up on my kindle so these are the top ten books I want to read that I already own.

I still have about 60 books on my kindle so it wasn’t as easy as it sounds and I could easily have listed twenty or more books I want to read over the next few months. Seeing as I won’t read that many anyway I’ve narrowed it down.

Links go to goodreads, I’m not going to copy the blurbs for sequels because spoilers!

ttt fall

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Memo Pad: August Wrap Up

Another month over and it’s officially winter. I’m just kidding. Kind of. It definitely feels like summer has ended as this week has been raining all the time, I’ve had to wrap up in a hoody and turn my heater on. I want summer back please!

But book wise I’ve had a good month. What with the move at the start of the month (which went well) I got a lot of reading done as all my other things were packed away. I got 4 books read in the first ten days of the month and then I settled in and started writing which meant my reading pace DIED. Just for comparison in the next twenty days I read 2 books.

But I enjoyed those two books and I’m really enjoying writing my #excitingspaceWIP so win win.

As for my book buying ban. After my little slip up last month I can officially say I bought 0 books this month. I did request one off netgalley but I read it straight away (and it was something that I’ve been wanting to read for a few years). So here’s the scores:

Books owned & unread at start of month: 65

Books bought: 0

Books acquired: 1

Books read: 6

Books owned & unread at end of month: 60

mp aug 2018

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I Am Currently…

There has been a lot going on in my life lately and with the scheduled posts I’ve had to do I’m feeling all out of sorts with what I have and haven’t told you and when.

I thought it would be a great time to do a new post idea. It’s by no means an original idea, I’ve seen loads of bloggers do their own takes on this but I’m going to go through what I’m currently up to and I’d love to hear about you in the comments too.

i am currently

I am currently lying in my new bed and in my new/old room.

I moved. Everything went really well. Thanks to everyone for the good luck wishes. It’s been a tiring couple of weeks but I can officially say my new/old room is sorted. I say new/old room as we moved back to our old house in east London that we’d had family staying in while we lived in Guernsey. So I’ve been here before but all my new furniture has now mixed with my old furniture and the good news is they’re getting on really well. No fights have broken out about floor space. I don’t like being stuck upstairs again as I’m not well enough to use them but I will deal.

i am currently reading

I’m currently reading The Sin Eaters Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

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3 Bookish Things Tag

I wasn’t tagged but I saw this over on Cait’s paperfury blog where she took some of the questions from instagram and made others up. I thought it was a really fun tag. (also I have just moved and so hello queued post). Without further ado, 3 bookish things:


3 favourite authors

I really don’t follow authors much so this isn’t a great answer but:

  • Megan Whalen Turner for writing the Queen’s Thief series. There’s only one book left but I’m sure I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything else she writes afterwards
  • VE Schwab has quite a few books that I want to read but haven’t yet. I absolutely loved A Darker Shade of Magic and I WILL read the sequels at some point and I also really want to read Vicious (and the sequel comes out this year too)
  • Shaun David Hutchinson has a lot of books I want to read. I haven’t actually read any of his books so I’m not sure I should really be putting him on a list of favourite authors but there isn’t really anyone else who has so many books that I want to read let alone have read.


3 weirdest things used as a bookmark

My brain? Okay wait, hear me out. I don’t mean literally using my brain as a page holder. But I use to just…. Remember the page number rather than ever actually use bookmarks.

I have however used tube tickets before (back in the old days before oyster cards) simply because I had so many of them lying around that there was always one within reach.

And thirdly, a surface. If I don’t remember the page I’ll just leave a book open and face down on a surface. Maybe a table, maybe my bed… I really never use bookmarks much.

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