Quick Crafts: Christmas Edition

quick crafts christmas

1. Ribbon and Beads Christmas Tree ornaments: 

These lovely little things are over on Annettes blog Sunshine Yellow. They’re really quite simple and all you need is some ribbon a few beads and a needle and thread. You can make them in whatever colours you like.

2christmas craft2. Felt ornaments: 

I’m not going to link to a tutorial for these (I did attempt to find the original blog but couldn’t) as I think they are pretty straight forward but I wanted to share the idea with you all. There are loads more ideas for felt ornaments on Pinterest. I have a few of my favourite, very simple ones on my Christmas Craft board. But these ones are definitely my favourite ones.


3. christmas craft3Beaded Christmas Trees:

Okay so these aren’t exactly simple, quick crafts unless you are into beading. But they are so pretty that I’m including them anyway. A picture tutorial for these is over here. But it is just a picture tutorial unfortuantely. I couldn’t find the original tutorial but if you do, let me know and I’ll add it.

4christmas craft4. 3D paper snowflakes:

The tutorial for this is over
on wikihow and it takes you through the steps with great photos along the way to help. All you need is six pieces of paper (or less if you want to cut them smaller), scissors, a stapler and some glue or tape.


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Quick Crafts: Christmas Card Ideas

quickcrafts cc

I wanted to make a quick crafts post for you all with ideas for easy, low spoon christmas cards. But when I started looking I found so many and most of them are pretty self explanatory that I decided to make a Pinterest board for them instead. It’s here, you don’t need to have a Pinterest account to take a look. There are loads of simple and great ideas, most of which don’t need any specialist equipment. I will probably add more as I see them so if you do have a Pinterest account then you can follow the board.

I do however have two tutorials to share with you that you can use for Christmas cards as well.

1. Washi tape tree. This is over at Ivory Bloom and is a great way to use washi tape on your christmas card without having the messy edges showing.

2. Folded Paper Christmas tree. The tutorial for this one is over at Cards and a Cuppa. This is a pretty old idea but I found the tutorial on their blog pretty easy to follow, with great pictures. They start with a circle from a die cut machine but cut yourself any size circle and it will work great, ignore the measurements if you do and just follow the general idea. These would look great on any card or gift tag.


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Quick Crafts 5

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts so here’s another one for you all. I hope you see something you want to give a go. And if you ever see any crafts online that you think would be perfect for other chronically ill crafters feel free to let me know and I might include it in the next Quick Crafts post.

1. Easy Basket WeavingThis tutorial over on Craft Passion‘s website is a really easy way of being able to create your own woven baskets without the hassle. The basic supplies you’ll need are cardboard, some kind of twine/yarn for the actual weaving and some felt or fabric for the bottom. You can see a full list on the tutorial, which has easy to follow steps with photos as well as a printable template for all three shapes of basket.

OmbrePinecone1 (2)2. Ombre Pinecones: I love this idea, especially with Christmas coming up. We always use to have random pinecones lying around in our Christmas decorations and I think these would look brilliant in Christmas colours to add a bit of interest to any room. Be sure to give the pinecones a good clean before you start to make sure the paint stays on.

3. Crayon Candles: These are from Adventures in Making and can be as bright as you like (or maybe try a monochrome one with greys?). The tutorial has all the information you need to change those old unused crayons into lovely candles. You will need a few supplies such as wicks and wax but these should be pretty easy to get at most craft stores. Make sure you check out the comments on the page too as they suggest adding essential oils of your choice to the mixture as otherwise the candles do smell like crayons.

4. Painted Rocks: So you may have noticed no Photograph for this one, this is purely because there are so many amazing ideas for this that I would have to make a whole new post just to show you a selection of them. I don’t want to clog up this post with loads of pictures so I’ll simply link you to a pinterest search which has loads of photos for ideas. The process is get rock, clean rock, use acrylic paint as a base coat (or other primer) then go to town with your design.

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Quick Crafts: 4

1. Yarn Tassels: Kicking off the rather yarn themed craft ideas in this post, we have these lovely and very simple tassels. The tutorial for how to make them is over at My Sisters Suitcase (it’s a lovely blog with some other great craft ideas you can check out if you want to). They’ve used these by attaching the tassels to the edge of a bed but you could use them for so many different things. Your curtains need jazzing up? Done. You’ve got a cushion that could use some added fun? Perfect. Maybe even a drab lampshade that would benefit from some fun yarn tassels. The possibilities are endless.


2. Macrame Yarn Garland: The only thing you need to make this one is yarn. Lots of yarn. In any or all the colours you want, you can customise it to however you want it to look. This is from A Beautiful Mess and I might be doing this myself soon as I moving to a rented property and this will be just the thing to brighten up my new room without having to paint the walls.



3. Paper Gift Bag: I saw this tutorial over on hello sandwich which you should definitely check out. It shows you in easy steps with very clear photographs how to change wrapping paper (or a stronger paper if the gift is heavy) into gift bags. It doesn’t show you how to make handles, it suggests you buy some ready made ones from a shop, but I’m sure you could experiment with making your own.




4. PomPom Rug: This little gem is one of the ones that does need something bought in before you make it but its such a simple and lovely idea that I’m including it anyway. You can find the tutorial for this over at Say Yes. And you can find the rug canvas base at lots of craft stores, and depending on how big you want to make your rug, for as little as £10.


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Quick Crafts: 3

1. Beaded Roses: These showed up on my feed last week from Life is Bello and I just had to share them when I saw how easy and well explained they were. So, okay you are going to need a couple of things before you can do them which isn’t what I normally pick for these quick crafts posts but they really are lovely and once you have the supplies you can make loads and loads of beautiful beaded roses!


2. Paper Flowers:

There are loads of different ways to make paper flower explained out there all over the web, but I think these are my favourite ones. You can use plain or patterned paper to make them and they’re a lot more substantial than some of the tissue paper ones that you find. I found the tutorial for these paper flowers over on PaperVine.




3. Toilet roll Owls:

I think these whacky little owls are brilliant. All you need is the inside of toilet paper and some paints or permanent markers. I found these little chaps on this site. Its all in spanish but the idea is pretty simple colour the roll whatever colour you want then fold over the tops to make the ‘ears’ and draw your lovely owls on.

Quick Crafts 2

It feels like its been a while since my last quick crafts post, but if you want more ideas and inspiration more frequently you should check out my Pinterest, I pin lots of crafts that can be done easily and also just some inspiring colourful lovelies too. But i’ll continue to do some round ups here as Pinterest isn’t the only place I grab ideas from.

1. Crocheted buttons:

Initially, I saw these cute little things over on Running Amok with an Ax. She’s made some lovely ones that you can see in the link. But I think the image that she got inspired by was over on CraftandFun. Their website is in Portuguese, but has some nice ideas and examples, including the image I’m using here. Basically, you get some yarn and some buttons that have a large enough hole in to fit a small crochet hook and have a play.



2. Paper circle Garland:

There are a lot of different garland ideas out there, from stringing felt balls, to making paper butterflies. but I think this a great middle ground, they look striking, they’re 3D but they are also very simple to make. You can choose whatever colour scheme you like and how big to make them. I got this image from Lou & Co, they have a great photo tutorial up on their page that brings you through the process step by step. (They also have instructions there but again it’s in another language this time French.)



mobile-001-a3. Woven Paper Hot Air Balloon:

These amazing things are over at PaperMatrix. If you click on the link they have the printable design for you to cut out on paper of your choice, they also have a video tutorial but I recommend having it printed and cut in front of you while you watch it. This is probably the most complicated ‘Quick Craft’ I have linked but they have lots of other woven paper crafts on their blog as well, from hearts, to pinecones and loads of different cool shapes that are easier. These were just my favourite ones.


Quick Crafts 1

A round up of some free craft tutorials and patterns I’ve found from around the web that don’t take forever and can be done with relative ease.

1. T-shirt yarn: If like me, you’ve always wondered how people make one long strip of yarn from a tshirt, then here is the answer. The tutorial can seem a bit long and daunting but once you get to the bit about cutting you’ll find that its actually quite simple. And once you’ve learnt it, you’ll find yourself drowning in balls of recycled tshirt yarn.




2. Paper Owl : These cute little owls have been designed over at 3eyedbear (just click on the picture on their website to get the pattern). No special supplies needed, just a printer, normal paper, a pair of scissors and some glue. All you need to do is print, cut, fold and stick together.

If owls aren’t your thing, then there are plenty of other patterns to choose from (my favourite has to be the parrots). And all of the patterns on this website are designed to be able to complete within an hour. It’s a great starting place if you want to do something crafty on short notice.

libretas bordado papel


3. Cross Stitch Notebooks: This is a lovely and simple cross stitch idea for jazzing up paper notebooks, bookmarks or maybe a nice special occasion card. The tutorial is in Spanish, but with the many pictures (and maybe some added Google translate}, I think this is a great idea for beginners and avid cross stitchers alike that could look stunning.

IMG_4858 (2)

4. Felt Rose: This pattern is in Portuguese but the pictures in the tutorial that Gracinhas Artesanto has made are pretty self explanatory. You’ll need some felt in green and whatever rose colour you want to create, some scissors, glue and a needle and thread.