Chronic Crafting

About why I originally made this blog:

I have severe ME/CFS and over the years I’ve had different levels of ability. I’ve struggled to keep up with school and friends, been housebound and been bedbound. Though I have seen improvements over the last few years, I still have to spend most of my time lying down. So I know a bit about having to adapt crafts and find new ways to be creative.

From using a sewing machine sitting at my desk, to sitting on the sofa with my knitting, to only managing 5 minutes of crochet a week lying down in bed and lots of different stages in between. I’ve tried quite a few different crafts and what I’ve found is that whatever our level of illness the want to be creative never leaves. It just gets more difficult to DO. This is why I made this blog. To share with you my struggles and my achievements. To make and share resources to help other people who live with chronic illnesses craft. And maybe learn something from you and you from me.

The focus of my blog has changed as it has grown but while this blog may have changed over the years, all of these resources will stay available under the Chronic Crafters heading in the menu for anyone who finds them helpful. And I am always around if you have question or want someone to talk to about crafting.

Crafting resources for chronically ill folk.

I have posted interviews with other chronically ill crafters which are under the Craft Interview subheading.

I have made Craft ratings, breaking down the energy, cost and difficulty levels of starting new crafts which you can find under the Craft Rating subheading.

And I have also made Quick Craft posts, that include a handful of easy and quick creative things to do when you don;t have the time or energy to undertake something bigger.


Crafting is a massive part of my life and if anyone wants to get in contact with me simply to chat or to ask questions then please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me here, via email at: or on Twitter