Craft Ratings Explained

One of the things I will be doing on this blog is giving overviews of different crafts. The main part of this will be done using a Ratings system that is split into 5 different sections. I want to explain this to you here.


  1. Energy: This will be an indicator of how much energy a particular craft uses. Now, everyone is different and these are my personal opinions but I think this is a good starting point if you are looking for a new craft to try. Things I will be taking into account are things like;
    • Where can it be done? Do you have to be standing, sitting upright at a desk, can you do it sitting propped up on a sofa or even lying down in bed.
    • How much movement does it involve? Are you just using your hands, moving your whole arms, do you need to be moving your whole body to do certain parts.
    • How much concentration do you need? If you zone out a bit will your whole project be ruined or can you redo bits. Is it necessary to always be paying attention. Can you take breaks or does it all have to be done in one go?
  2. Dexterity: Not everyone who is chronically ill will be judging crafts by energy levels. If you have conditions such as Arthritis or Fibromyalgia then the level of fiddleyness may be more important.
    • How fiddley is it?
    • Is the work very repeatative so it might cause strain?
    • Can I use other tools or adaptations to help?
  3. Difficulty Starting: Brain fog can be a problem for lots of us, so how complicated is it to learn in the first place?
    • Is there lots of help available for people who learn in different ways? Are there tutorials, written down with diagrams, are there lots of youtube videos so you can watch and replay till you get it.
    • Is it a lot to take in all at once? or is it somethings that you can pick up and learn along the way?
  4. Difficulty Continuing: I’ve decided to split the difficulty into two sections as there are a lot of crafts that, once you get past the initial bump, are very easy to do. Maybe they take lots of energy to start learning but once you’ve done that its very easy going, or maybe its easy to start but very difficult to make any real progress.
    • Does it get easier?
  5. Cost: Maybe one of the most important things to lots of us when we are looking at new crafts to keep us occupied, as we don’t tend to have lots of money floating around.
    • Does it cost much to start? This will be the main point, how much do you need to spend to give it a go. After all, you might not like it.
    • Does the cost get worse or better? Once you have bought the initial equipment, do you need to keep spending money?

Each craft that I rate will use this system. If you have any ideas that you think should be included or any questions youd like me to answer in this that might help you please let me know. Of course, if there is anything that you would like to add to my Ratings then please leave a comment, the more advice the better.

Ratings so far:

Polymer Clay


Needle Felting

Do you have any crafts you would like to see rated?


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