Book series I bought and haven’t read yet (Book series #4)

It’s time for another look at the book series. I’ve talked about book series I loved but DNF’d, book series I’ve started and will keep reading, and book series where I’m waiting for the next book to be released.

There’s just so many series out there but I’m almost there. This is my penultimate book series post (for now, but if you have any more suggestions for book series posts then let me know in the comments!). Next time I’ll be talking about book series that I haven’t bought yet but this time I’m looking at series I really want to read where I’ve already bought the first book but haven’t got around to reading yet. Unfortunately there’s quite a few!


These are all books I have on my kindle, most of which I bought in sales because I knew I wanted to read them but being a mood reader I haven’t actually done it yet. The books on my kindle are piling up but I’m sticking to my book buying ban. It’s been 1 month and I haven’t bought any. Go me! The whole point of the ban was too be able to read the books I already have so hopefully I’ll get to some of these soon. Let me know which ones you recommend most.  Continue reading


Cross Stitch Progress

Cross stitch update time as part of the stitchalong where we all post what progress we’ve managed on the projects we choose to work on.

I’ve got a lot done in the three weeks since my last update.

Here’s where I was last time:
Photo 14-06-2018, 1 54 55 pm

I managed to get that last bauble finished and then moved up to the last section at the top. I don’t have a photo of the finished bauble as I had to fold the fabric up but I’m sure you’re imagination can fill it in. But here’s the top section and where I got up to: Continue reading

Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag

We are half way through the year, I just want to take a moment to say….HOW!?! I apologies for all the comments I’ve left on everyone else’s posts that just amounted to me saying that. But seriously, how did we get here already?


Anyway, as you may have guessed by now, it’s time to share some mid year reading progress with you and answer a few bookish questions.

Reading stats:

Read: 31
midyearStar rating:

5* – 8
4* – 13
3* – 9
2* – 1
Average rating: 3.8


I’ve read more 3 star books than I would have liked but I’ve also read some amazing books so far this year too. I’m not sure if I’m getting better at giving books 5 stars or if I’m simply getting better at picking books I will love because the last two years has definitely seen a big jump in 5 star books for me. (I used to only give 4 or 5 a year)

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Memo Pad: June Book Wrap up

It’s June which means it’s summer, the world cup and most importantly it was my birthday this month. I got older (unfortunately I haven’t found a way of having birthdays without that side effect). And after my mini book haul from my birthday money I am officially stating that I am on a book buying ban until Christmas. Yes, that long. I don’t know if I’ll last but I’m going to try because I have more than enough books to read until then (plus any arcs I get in the meantime). Seriously, I have over double the amount of books I could feasibly read in that time so no more until Christmas…. If you see me buying anything I give you permission to shout at me.

But back to this month, I was hoping to get through quite a few books in June as I’m finally taking a couple of months off editing but, in true me fashion, I got obsessed with a new story idea instead which meant I didn’t get through as many as I’d like. But four is still a decent number and considering one of them was 780 pages I feel like I should be allowed to count that as two books. It was my favourite book of the month though, and all year too.

mp june 18

Read: 4

(Reviews are spoiler free and links go to the goodreads pages for each book)

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The Saga of the Perfect Scarf

Many a year ago I bought some very expensive yarn to make two scarfs. They were Rowan aran Pure Wool in Red & yellow and green & grey (or Gryffindor and Slytherin colours). And if I can remember correctly they were about £8 for each 100g ball. By far the most expensive yarn I’ve ever bought.

My plan was to knit a tube scarf in stockinette stitch but I’d never done cookie changes like that before and wanted to make sure they were smooth with no holes so i used the red and yellow yarn as practice.

And it ended up with a long, warm heavy and comfy scarf that I absolutely loved but it I’m not a Gryffindor so it was time to knit my perfect scarf….. Continue reading

Birthday Book Haul

It was my birthday last week so that obviously means I bought books. I was actually very restrained partially because I already have SO many books on my kindle to read and partially because I’m trying to save up some money right now. I allowed myself a £20 voucher to spend on books and wasn’t expecting anything else but got surprised on the day with a lockpicking kit (my parents are awesome!).

birthday bh

Anyway, I decided to buy the four books I most want to read, it was actually a really easy choice (even though I have a list of about 400 books to buy). They’re all books I’ve really wanted to read for a while now and all four sound like perfectly me books. So here they are: (Links go to goodreads pages)

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SAL Cross Stitch Update – Christmas is Coming!

Time for another update on my cross stitch progress and I’m happy to say that I’ve gone back to my Christmas project and am excited to get stitching again. That small adventure quote project was just what I needed. A little bit of a change and a happy dance and now I’m up and running again.

Here’s where my Christmas project was last time I shared it with you all those months ago:
Photo 01-03-2018, 5 42 02 pm

And here’s where I’ve managed to get to now: Continue reading