Top 10 Tuesdays – 2018 Releases I Still Need to Read

Top 10 Tuesdays is a book tag hosted over at the artsy reader girls blog. This week was a freebie topic and seeing as 2018 is coming to an end I thought what better opportunity to show how badly I’ve done with keeping up with 2018 releases tell you about 2018 releases I’m still looking forward to reading.

To be fair I have been on a book buying ban for the last six months in an attempt to get my owned tbr down to more manageable levels but now that’s a bit more under control (sort of) I can refocus back on some new releases and these are the ones in most excited about.

This was ridiculously hard to narrow down to just ten which just shows you how many 2018 releases I still need to read. It was so hard in fact that I only managed to narrow it down to 14….. Oops. But then I do have a goodreads shelf of about 40 so I still think this is an achievement and it’s not my fault there were so many amazing books being released this year.

I’ve split it into genres to help break it up as I know 14 is a really massive number….

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Christmas is coming too fast (SAL)

We’re getting so close to Christmas and unfortunately I’ve run out of time to have my Christmas project finished even though I’ve made a lot of progress.

Here is where I was up to last time I showed you my cross stitch

Photo 05-11-2018, 5 28 33 pm

This time around I’ve managed to finish all the baubles, strings AND the snowflake border. You can even see the start of the bells….

Photo 28-11-2018, 4 02 30 pm

This is the very top of the project so those bells are all I have left to do! I’ll have to get the white thread back out to do some of the bells as I decided on one white and one gold on each side of jingle bells. That will be the last of the stitching but I probably won’t be able to get it all done in time. And even if I did there’s no way I’ll be able to finish it up before christmas. Oh well. There’s always next year.

I’m really in love with it so far though. It’s turning out better than I hoped when I designed it. So I’m just looking forward to seeing what it’s like when it’s done.

Here are the links to everyone else

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We share updates on our individual cross stitch projects every three weeks.

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Memo Pad: November Book Wrap Up

It’s nearly December! Christmas time! And I have officially got my owned tbr down to just 50 books which was my goal way back in June when I went on my book buying ban! My goal for next year will be to keep that number from going above 50 which means however many books I can read next month is the amount of books I’ll be allowed to buy for Christmas. If I’m lucky I’ll read four or maybe five.

Race on!

In other news related to the fact it’s nearly next year already, I went through my list of 2018 releases I want to read and managed to narrow it down to a shortlist of 15….

I also went through all of the backlist books on my out of control tbr on goodreads (so anything published before 2018) and narrowed that down to a list of 38 books I want to read the most. So when Christmas comes I’ll only have a very reasonable list of 53 books to choose from. *cries*

The good news is, with 2019 so close, I might be able to get to some 2019 releases by…. 2020? If I’m lucky.

In non book related news….. Um. Really nothing much has happened this month? I’m doing a first round of edits of my #ExcitingSpaceWIP which feels like it’s taking ages but I’m 85% in and should finish it next week. I feel like I’ve named it aptly because I am muchly excited. I’ve also finally started making Christmas cards which is about a month late but is progress!!

mp nov 2018

On to my book stats for the month:

Books on owned tbr at start: 55

Books bought/acquired: 0/0

Books read: 4

Books DNF’d: 1

Books on owned tbr at end: 50!!!!

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Crochet Blankets Galore

Okay so, galore may be over stating things a bit. Two. There are two crochet blankets in this post. Neither of which is technically finished. But it has ignited my love for crochet blankets and there are easily another three blankets that I now want to make. But I’ll save that post for a very very far off future.

A very long time ago, (a couple months) I talked about a linen stitch square blanket. Well I semi finished it weeks ago (wow this post is so overdue).

Here it is :

Photo 10-11-2018, 12 48 05 pm

Is 4 foot square. I used up all the yarn I bought which was all I was planning on doing but now I’m thinking…… I might buy another two balls of the cappuccino and another of the blue peacock colour to do an extra round of colour.

My reasoning is two fold.

  1. As it is, my feet stick out the end of the blanket which isn’t great. Granted I’m very rarely ever lying straight but…. It’s not very satisfying to make a blanket that your feet stick out of. And,
  2. I originally started this blanket to use the one ball of red yarn I had. I bought another six balls to do this. The stripes used up all of what I had of the red and all of the purple on that final stripe. But now I have half of the blue ball left.

If I buy another blue and two cappuccino it’d be enough for another stripe. Making the blanket large enough for my poor cold tootsies and using up that blue ball….

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Christmas Cross Stitch

Progress has been made on my Christmas cross stitch. Lots of it, Too bad I don’t have a way to add another month in before Christmas because it might have actually been done in time but alas.

Here’s where I was after the last update three weeks ago:

Photo 27-10-2018, 4 36 10 pm

I’d just started on that first big bauble. This time I got a lot of work done on the baubles and, if I do say so my self, they look so pretty!

Photo 05-11-2018, 5 28 33 pm

I’m not sure you can tell just how shiny the gold is but it is! The two line and dot baubles have been finished (I’m not even sure you can really tell but there are gold dots in there!) and the big bauble has been finished with its little hat on too.

I’m hoping that for next time I’ll have the last one and a half baubles done and all the stitching for the ‘strings’ they hang on as well. And then it’ll be up to the top sections. Still a lot to do but I’ll have to start thinking about the finish.

Here are a couple of closer shots of before and after just so you can see a bit more detail: Continue reading

Memo Pad: October Book Wrap Up

Phew. It’s been such a busy month for me! And I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas already. I am not prepared. Somebody press pause, please!

Probably the biggest thing that happened this month is that I got diagnosed as autistic. I’ve discovered so much out about myself and I still am finding and figuring out things. So much of my life makes more sense now! This journey has been wild and I am so happy to have the certainty and confirmation of a diagnosis. The whole process was extremely nerve-racking but the actual appointment was very calm and it was actually really lovely to talk to someone who got it.

The timing of the appointment however wasn’t great. I had just one chapter left to write of #ExcitingSpaceWIP and two weeks later I still have one chapter left. Between recovering from the appointment and a load of forms that have suddenly landed on my lap, I just haven’t had the time to write the final chapter! But hopefully things will calm down soon and the plan is to get that chapter written by the end of the week. (Fingers crossed please!) Then I can give my autistic MC some closure too!

These things have meant that I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. This is just my third post this month compared to my normal 7 or 8. But more importantly I’ve been struggling to find time to read all your amazing posts. I have tried to make sure I’ve interacted and commented on posts of people who have interacted with me. But if I haven’t been around lately this is why

Reading wise I’ve had a bit of an average month to be honest. A couple of books I thought would be amazing were simply good (I’m hard to please I know, but last month had three 5* books so my expectations were high). Although a book I was expecting to only be average for me was amazing and my favourite book of the month. I did DNF one in there too.

But on to some stats on my ongoing book buying ban and attempt to get through my owned books.

Monthly stats:

Unread Owned Books at start: 59

Bought/Acquired: 0 / 2 earcs

Read: 5 (+1 DNF)

Unread Owned Books at end: 55

I couldn’t resist those two arcs, whoops. But I’m still doing really well…. Kind of. I mean that number is continually coming down so that’s a good thing. When I started this quest at the end of June I had about 75 books on my kindle. In four months that’s now down to 55 (damn those irresistible arcs!) and it looks like I’ll definitely be reaching my target of getting it below 50 before Christmas. (ready to buy more. Shhhhhh) No. But seriously I think my main goal next year will be to keep that number below 50. I’ll allow myself to buy some of the books I’m currently dreaming of but only so long as I don’t break that mark. And hopefully it will come down even more too. Continue reading

Cross Stitch Update

I haven’t got a much progress to show you on my Christmas cross stitch as I’d like. The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me. But I have done some so here is where I was up to three weeks ago:

Photo 29-09-2018, 2 30 11 pm

And compared to now:

Photo 19-10-2018, 2 02 25 pm

I managed to get the swirls in the snow banks finished and moved up to filling on the gold on the first (and largest) bauble. I’ve only managed to do a small amount though. I was planning on getting much more done but alas life intervened. Continue reading