Cross Stitching along to Christmas

Most of the time that I’ve spent stitching since the last update has been on a secret project that I can’t share yet. But I did managed to completely finish the stitching on it which meant I had time to get a bit done on my main project this week in time to show you some progress.

So here it is last time next to this time:

And a closer up shot of the progress that isn’t swamped by all the yet to be used fabric:


It’s almost asking for snow! The swirly bits will eventually be stitched in gold but the letters will be left so that the red fabric shows through. Continue reading


Camel Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Last week I posted about my finished camel stitch scarf, which is also know as half-double crochet through the third loop but that is a very long name. A couple of people had asked me about the camel stitch and if i could do a tutorial. I initially said no because that was a bit beyond me and that I’d just link to other tutorials online as there were plenty.

But when I tried to do that I realised that somehow I do the camel stitch differently to every tutorial I could find. I’m not actually sure how I managed to do that seeing as I used the tutorials to learn it in the first place. The only explanation I can come up with is that I watch tutorials when I’m originally interested in doing something, time passes and then by the time I actually do it my memory of what I’m doing has changed so I just figure it out as I go.

The thing is, the most difficult thing about camel stitch is finding that third loop to go into and well, my way is really easy? So I’m going to share it with you in a semi proper tutorial.

*I’m not saying that there are zero tutorials using this method for camel stitch out there just that I couldn’t find them.

So if you are interested in doing the camel stitch but are struggling with the third loop bit them read on!

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Crochet Scarf TA DA!

I have a tada finish to show you. I finally got around to finishing my dads crochet scarf. Initially, he was meant to get it for fathers day back in June but I realised that was not going to happen so it got put on the back burner for a while. And by that I mean it got shoved in a corner and i didn’t work on it for a couple of months but I got back to it.

Okay, so I mainly got back to it because I bought some pretty new yarn but I made myself finish this first. That’s called restraint. Well, maybe not because I bought the yarn first but…..

Okay anyway moving on.

Here it is!!

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Memo Pad: Books – August 2017

I feel like I’m coming out of my reading slump. Maybe. Hopefully. I read four pretty awesome books this month and they were all ARCs and I think the fact they were all great as well as the fact I had to read them to review both helped kick me into reading gear and thank god for that! I seem to be on a contemporary kick right now (I will preface this by saying I pretty much call anything that isn’t scifi/fantasy/dystopian or historical fiction contemporary). I didn’t read any last year but I’ve already read seven this year and I’m planning on reading more. Maybe my reading slump is genre specific?

 Read: 4

mp august 2017

As always none of the reviews have spoilers and all of the links are to the Goodreads profiles for each book

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Cross Stitching Along

It’s been three weeks since my last cross stitch update which means another post for the stitchalong. Time just flies sometimes but I did manage to get a lot done since last time.

I finished the Gryffindor pin cushion that I shared with you last time. Here it is all finished up.

The design is a little less intricate than the others but I think it represents the house of the bold quite well. And as always it’s up in my etsy shop with the others. Just Hufflepuff to go now.

Finishing that feels like ages ago though because I also started my big Christmas cross stitch project. Continue reading