Memo Pad: Indieathon Books

I’m officially leaving to go on holiday today which means an end to taking part in indieathon. I already had a holiday TBR before I found out about indieathon but I decided to take part for the first couple of weeks of March because I think self published and small press books deserve more of a spotlight. I did have a struggle at the start of the month as, being a mood reader, I’ve never taken part in a readathon before and I happened to really want to read a book that was definitely not indie! I managed to get it read quickly though and then dove back in. I managed 5 books in just under 3 weeks which is pretty great for me.

My favourite book was definitely Heart of Mist which was amazing but I enjoyed all of the books I read. There were so many to pick from and I have a lot more indie books on my kindle already bought for me to read at some point.

mp indieathon

But onto the reviews:

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March TBR

I heard about a new readathon over on twitter recently called indieathon which is all about reading indie/selfpublished or small press published books during the month of march. Now, I am going on holiday towards the end of march and I already have plenty of books on my holiday TBR to be getting on with but this readathon is such a good idea that I’m going to take part for the first couple of weeks of march.

It’s hosted by Lia and you can see the announcement post for more information over on her blog HERE, And you can check out her post all about it here. Or search for the hashtag on twitter #indieathon where hopefully lots of people will be talking about it and you can check out some peoples recs as self published books can be a bit hard to find sometimes.

The readathon also has a bingo card that you can use to check things off. I’m not sure if I should be doing one square for each book or all of the ones that apply to each book. Is that cheating? Haha.



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